Zeebrugge - Hull

3 generations vessels

Millions of crossings

The announcement that passenger service to Hull will be discontinued was a bombshell. A crossing that has been on my wish list for years. It was supposed to be in April, but it was canceled due to the Corona virus. This, combined with Brexit and the fact that the line was loss-making, was the decisive factor in stopping the last passenger service from Belgium to the United Kingdom.

I personally only knew the Pride of Bruges and Pride of York on the route from Zeebrugge to Hull. Many people have also known the predecessors Norland and Norstar.

Since I don't want to let this pass by just like that, I would like to dedicate a page on this website to this passenger service.

The iconic funnel will be missed in Zeebrugge.

Your help is also welcome!

I have undoubtedly missed a lot. That is why I can certainly use your help!

It is intended to record the full history of passenger service to Hull on the website. This covers the period from 1972 to 2020.

I'm mainly looking for people who can help me draw up the history and have interesting facts or documents that can be shared online. The internet tells a lot, but not everything.

Do you not know much about the history, but do you have pictures or do you want to share something you experienced on the crossing to Hull? Then you are certainly welcome too!

People who want to share something can certainly contact me!

Let's say goodbye to the passenger service together and keep the memory alive!