Fionia Sea

On January 13, the Fionia Sea arrived at PSA Zeebrugge.

This call immediately marks the start of a new paper service between Zeebrugge and Finland / Sweden.

The Fionia Sea arrived in Zeebrugge around 7 am after the ship left the Swedish port of Husum (on the east coast of Sweden) at the end of last week. Together with her sister ship Jutlandia Sea, the Fionia Sea will connect Zeebrugge with ports in Finland and Sweden. Both ships have a mixed capacity for both RoRo and containers.

This service is Wallenius SOL's second service that calls at PSA Zeebrugge. The new line is expected to bring an additional volume of approximately 200,000 tons of paper rolls to Zeebrugge. During this service, ports in Germany (Lübeck), Finland (Kemi, Oulu, Vaasa) and Sweden (Husum) are called at.

Wallenius SOL's other service at PSA Zeebrugge calls at ports in Finland (Kemi, Oulu, Pietarsaari), Germany (Lübeck) and England (Tilbury). This service is operated by the Tundraland and Thuleland.

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