HNLMS Rotterdam in Zeebrugge



Year Built: 

Length x Breadth: 

HNLMS Rotterdam (L800)

Amphibious Transport Ship


163,2m x 25,04m







Den Helder

Den Helder

The HNLMS Rotterdam is an amphibious transport ship of the Royal Netherlands Navy. The ship was commissioned in 1998.

Characteristic of the ship is the large internal dock with space for landing craft. In order to submerge the dock, the ship can sink about 4 meters. The ship should not be stationary and can still receive landing craft even at low speed. There is also a helicopter deck on board with 2 spots and a hangar with a capacity to take on board 4 large (type AW101) or 6 medium (type NH90) helicopters. There are also facilities on board for directing air traffic.

Medical care can also be administered on board. The ship is equipped with a hospital, operating room and a 10-bed intensive care unit. T

he ship arrived in Zeebrugge on Friday and departed again on Sunday afternoon.

2021-06-27 HNLMS Rotterdam-1
2021-06-27 HNLMS Rotterdam-2
2021-06-27 HNLMS Rotterdam-3
2021-06-27 HNLMS Rotterdam-4
2021-06-27 HNLMS Rotterdam-5
2021-06-27 HNLMS Rotterdam-6
2021-06-27 HNLMS Rotterdam-7
2021-06-27 HNLMS Rotterdam-8
2021-06-27 HNLMS Rotterdam-9
2021-06-27 HNLMS Rotterdam-10
2021-06-27 HNLMS Rotterdam-11

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